“PLUS” is an innovative double-drive traction unit (electrical and Diesel). It is designed for operation in regional traffic, on routes with a moderate traffic intensity, as well as on sub-standard infrastructure, enabling the travel on combined routes (electrified and non-electrified) without the need to change vehicles.

“PLUS” offers an opportunity of a more intensive use of the existing rail network. It is an alternative for carriers planning the routes on combined electrified and non-electrified lines that require proper vehicles at end stations to plan their proper manoeuvres.

For passengers this means more convenient new routes, minimized difficulties during connecting services and increased travelling comfort.

The vehicle is equipped with two two-axle bogies built for each member (one trailer bogie and one drive bogie with asynchronous motors), which results in lowering the pressure on the track, as well as the optimized distribution of the mass and tractive forces.  Individual coaches may be disconnected without using additional maintenance bogies. There is wheelchair minimized cost and service time.